This is just the news day for comics folks developing their own apps. Former Nickelodeon Magazine comics editor Chris Duffy, and his co-workers Laura Galen, and Carmen Morais all had some free time when the magazine was canceled. And now they’ve come up with Comixer, an iPad app aimed at kids that allows them to mix and match panels in various genres to make their own stories — without even cutting up their comics! The app is on sale for 99¢ at launch. More here.

Comixer LLC introduces two engrossing iPad apps, COMIXER – THE COMICS MIXER and COMIXER ZOMBIES, which give 7- to 13- year olds a unique way to create comics. And both are on sale for $0.99 in the App Store.

Created by three former editors of Nickelodeon Magazine, each Comixer iPad app is a game, a puzzle, and a creative tool all in one. Players “mix” pre-drawn cartoon panels to create their own stories, the way a deejay mixes tracks to make a new song. The dozens of panels are designed to work together in endless combinations.

With COMIXER—THE COMICS MIXER, players can weave a medieval-themed tale starring a king, an ogre, a princess, a knight—or a bundt cake. Indie comics legend Johnny Ryan drew the panels and New York Times puzzle writer Robert Leighton wrote them.

In COMIXER ZOMBIES, players control the fate of a young couple—and possibly their kitten—in the zombie-infested woods. Cartoonist Travis Nichols, author of The Monster Doodle Book, drew the adorably ghoulish panels, and Chris Duffy, Comixer co-founder and Nursery Rhyme Comics editor, wrote them.

For kids, the app encourages creativity and reinforces literacy skills. How the stories unfold is completely up to the player—there are no right or wrong answers. Their comics can be action-packed, suspenseful, funny, or totally wacky.

Players build a library of their masterpieces and can read their comics in a digital comic book, too. They can also email their favorite stories or share them on Facebook.

Top app reviewer The iPhone Mom had this to say about Comixer: “I love it when I find an app that’s both educational and appealing to my older children…A simple and potentially hilarious exercise in creativity.”

• Dozens of panels to mix and match to make hilarious stories
• Panels drawn by renowned indie cartoonists Johnny Ryan and Travis Nichols
• Read your story in a digital comic book
• Build a library of awesome comics created by you
• Email your comics and share them on Facebook
• Hours of creative fun for one or more players!

To celebrate the launch, these two iPad apps are on sale for 99 cents.

When Nickelodeon Magazine folded, freshly unemployed editors Chris Duffy, Laura Galen, and Carmen Morais committed to bringing their expertise in entertaining and educating kids to the iPad. Their love of humor, comics, and puzzles led them to the idea of creating Comixer, where kids can create their own stories.

Comics artist Johnny Ryan is the creator of Angry Youth Comix, among other titles, and a regular contributor to Vice Magazine. Robert Leighton creates puzzles for the New York Times, gags for the New Yorker, and illustrates children’s books. Travis Nichols is a graphic novelist and creator of The Monster Doodle Book, as well as Punk Rock Etiquette. His comics have appeared in Nickelodeon Magazine and Herbivore. All three were contributors to the groundbreaking Nickelodeon Magazine comics section.

Comixer’s design was done by the award-winning New York City studio Open. Prolific mobile developer Basil Hafez completes the Comixer team.

COMIXER-THE COMICS MIXER and COMIXER ZOMBIES are currently available for $0.99 in the App Store: