Diane_NelsonAs first revealed at Newsarama, former DC entertainment president Diane Nelson has a new gig: head of operations for Quibi, a mobile video platform being launched by entertainment/tech bigwigs Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman. Nelson confirmed the news in a Facebook post with a picture of her new work friends.

Nelson stepped down from DC back in June, after taking a leave of absence. She starts her new job in January.

Quibi was launched with $1 billion in investments, so they’ve got a lot of cash to play around with while they figure out how to get people to watch videos on their platform. All the film studios and China’s Alibaba have invested in the launch, which has been courting talent all over the place, including Catherine Hardwick, basketball’s Stephen Curry (who, it turns out, does believe that humans have walked on the moon), Antoine Fuqua, Guillermo del Toro,  Sam Raimi and Lena Waithe. The goal is to get people with phones to subscribe for $5-8 a month to see short films by top talents.

Just what Nelson’s role will be isn’t clear, but the trades have speculated that she’ll bring some of her experience in the superhero realm to the venture.

A lot of people were sad to see Nelson leave DC, as she was credited with being a caring executive with a lot of vision. And the occasional movie Martha misstep aside, DC certainly grew in most areas under her watch. It seems that Quibi will be a busy playing field for her to write another chapter.