UPDATE: Yes, this happened, and Net Neutrality has been ended, despite Flaming Carrot’s best efforts.

The FCC is going to vote to end Net Neutrality today and despite public and corporate outpouring of support to keep the internet with equal access to all, it’s expected to go down.

However, the Flaming Carrot, the 80s hero of indie comics, who fights crime to this day as part of Bob “Mystery Men” Burden’s comics stable, is leading one last ditch effort.


In case you haven’t kept up, this is the doctrine that internet providers cannot make their own services proprietary, or slow down competitors. Here’s an article from CNN that explains both sides, including why the telecoms want to end Net Neutrality.

The move is supported by the telecom industry, which claims existing regulations threaten to hamper broadband investments and innovation.

Technology companies and consumer advocacy groups have loudly protested the repeal effort for months, both online and offline, arguing it could spell the end of the internet as we know it.

As you can see from the way the internet controls out lives 24/7, clearly it’s being “hampered” in its development.

With Net Neutrality ending, be sure of one thing: you’ll be paying more and more for the things you used to think were free.

Also: How great was Mystery Men? ahead of its time!




  1. Sorry Carrot but Santa will not be bringing you that for Christmas. And don’t worry, everything will be just fine. No need to overreact.

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