Sometimes the wheels of comics grind exceedingly slow, and Multiversity, a now somewhat outdated multiversical look at the DCU that folds in various timelines, masterminded by Multiverse expert Grant Morrison, is one of those things. It was announced in 2009, and has been biding it’s time since then, even as the DCU it was set to explore got 52ed out of existence. Back in September of 2012, a few Watchmen-esque pencils by Frank Quitely were shown at the DC Comics blog and iFanboy—yes this project has been kicking around so long that iFanboy actually was a website.

ANYWAY, an official pub date has been announced! August 2014! It is happening, CBR tells us with some color art by Ivan Rris and Joe Prado (colors by Nei Ruffino) that has…an odd look to it. Each issues will be 40 pages long Chris Sprouse and Karl Story, Ben Oliver, Frank Quitely, Cameron Stewart and more. Morrison describes the series thusly:

“‘The Multiversity’ has been a labor of love almost eight years in the making, and brings together an unstoppable supergroup of artists — Reis, Sprouse, Oliver, Quitely, Stewart and more — with a cast of unforgettable characters from the 52 alternative Earths of the known DC Multiverse!

“Prepare to meet the Vampire Justice League of Earth-43, the Justice Riders of Earth-18, Superdemon, Doc Fate, the super-sons of Superman and Batman, the rampaging Retaliators of Earth-8, the Atomic Knights of Justice, Dino-Cop, Sister Miracle, Lady Quark, the legion of Sivanas, the Nazi New Reichsmen of Earth-10 and the LATEST, greatest superhero of Earth-Prime — YOU!

Comprising seven complete adventures — each set in a different parallel universe — a two part framing story, and comprehensive guidebook to the many worlds of the Multiverse, ‘The Multiversity’ is more than just a multi-part comic book series, it’s a cosmos-spanning, soul-shaking experience that puts YOU on the front line in the Battle For All Creation against the demonic destroyers known as the Gentry!

But beware! Power has a cost, and at the heart of this epic tale waits the cursed and malignant comic book called ‘Ultra Comics’…

How safe is YOUR head?

Join us, if you dare, for ‘The Multiversity!'” — Grant Morrison

Hurrah! Grant Morrison doing Grant Morrison things! What is not to love.





  1. Hopefully the wait was worth it.

    Morrison current work has been so lackluster it’s amazing to me that current version is the same person who did Filth, Doom Patrol, JL and the like.

    Not the best worded sentence.

  2. I’ve been looking forward to this for such a long time. While I can’t deny being curious about the weird new characters to be featured (a legion of Sivanas!) the most interesting element of this project is the Ultra Comics segment. Stripping away the hyperbole, it’s really got me wondering what he’s got planned.

  3. Big ideas and crazy concepts are where Grant Morrison does his best work so this could be another classic. Hopefully it’s not his grand super-hero finale though…I’d like to see Grant Morrison on Superman again someday.

  4. WOOOOHOOOO! I love Grant Morrison’s work. I didn’t even know about the existence of this project until now. I’m very excited and I can’t wait to read it.

  5. I am eager for this–and rather hoping that it’s compatible with the pre-New 52 DC multiverse, rather than exclusive to the current one.

  6. I stopped reading all DC Comics soon after 52 was launched. I don’t really want to go back at all, but…geez. Morrison and that great line up of artists might bring me back one more time.

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