He’s done launching social networks, and has moved on to climbing walls. The first photo of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man has been released; he definitely has a full head of hair.




UPDATE: Sheesh, when this image first appeared, we were going to do a jokey image analysis with breakouts and enhanced detail, but ran out of time.

Fortunately, Splash Page has done just that, minus the tomfoolery.

Given his web-shooting requirements, Spider-Man’s gloves have always been an important part of the costume. In this new iteration of the iconic red-and-blues, we not only get some silver, possibly web-shootery discs, but we also get a gauntlet that wraps around Spidey’s upper forearm. I’m not sure what to think about the spiral style of the new gloves, but it definitely puts a new spin (sorry, I couldn’t help it) on the old favorite.

To make up for missing out on this in-depth analysis, here are the original enhanced views we planned:

By significantly lightening the photos levels, we are able to see many crucial details previously missing.

For instance, Andrew Garfield has a very thick head of hair.

He also seems to have borrowed Superman’s codpiece.

The most startling evidence of all. however, comes from inspecting a negative image of the famed Spidey chest symbol. Once you see it, you’ll be shocked.

DO YOU SEE? Omigod….what are they doing to Spidey? This is going to be horrible. Something must be done!!!!


  1. BUT … why is Peter walking down the street in full costume SANS mask? I really got tired of Toby Maguire’s frequent unmaskings in SPIDER-MAN 3 … Maybe they’re trying to solve the problem by doing away with the mask altogether?

  2. Torsten

    Thanks not quite accurate – if he had just finished performing “Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark” he’d be lying on a stretcher.

  3. From his performance in The Social Network, Garfield seems a waaay better actor then Tobey Maguire was, thats for sure.

    I for one am looking forward to this movie.

    If you want to see an awful live action Spidey show, go back and see episodes of the 70’s tv show. Peter looked almost 40, w/a damn combover!