Via USA TODAY, Rourke’s appearance as a villain in IRON MAN 2.

Is he wearing one of those fake tattoo undershirts?


  1. According to the DVD audio commentary from director Nick Meyer, that was Montalban’s real chest– and he (Montalban) was very touchy about the jokes (I’ve done a ton of research on Star Trek related empheria recently).

    Even as an old man, Montalban could kick most men’s asses. Has anyone seen his early films? He was billed as a Mexican Rudolph Valentino in the early days.

    related– it is always interesting to see how Hwood solves the problem of how to translate the idea of a costumed hero/villain to screen– most actors would refuse to appear in key scenes with a mask or a hood covering their who face. The Orphanage did a great job of solving this in Iron Man (they invented the idea of the “inside helmet” shots of Downey Jr), a character with a mask/helmet which allows for zero facial expression. Looks a bit like Whiplash is wearing NASCAR driver pants in the shot above.

  2. It’s supposed to be the Monaco Grand Prix. Maybe Tony Stark is a celebrity driver & Rourke shows up. Rourke is some sort of Russian gangster out of prison, explaining the tattoos & orange jumpsuit.

    Looks like he MacGuyver’d some of Stark’s black market parts for a proto Whiplash suit.