First look at Charles Xavier in LEGION
Hey gang, come get your first look at Legion‘s Charles Xavier, who has been portended and hinted at for two seasons now.
In the below video, you’ll get a peek at Harry Lloyd who is playing the master psychic and founder of the X-Men…you might recognize Lloyd from his role as the simpering and stewing Viserys Targaryen on Game of Thrones, until Khal Drogo poured a giant pot of melted gold on his head. Here, I imagine we’ll get a much different, more subdued performance from Lloyd and it’ll be interesting to see if there’ll be much in the way of channeling Patrick Stewart or James McAvoy‘s takes on the role. Perhaps we’re in for something a little more left of center…with this show and Noah Hawley at the reins, it’s always possible:

This new season finds David (Dan Stevens) taking on the role of a cult leader after the events of Season 2, and pits him in direct opposition from his former friends and teammates – while it looks like he’ll also be navigating his own past and a rather large helping of the X-Men mythos (reportedly through time travel).
The final season of Legion kicks off on June 24th.