Special Ops Beat Correspondent Torsten has already been on the floor for NYCC set-up and filed the following report:

2011-10-12 12.39.55.jpg

12:39:55 This is the main entrance, Hall 3C?  To the left is the escalator to the Anime Festival on the Fourth Floor, which is hidden by scaffolding.  It might be as bad as last year, but worth the trek, as the Fourth Floor Galleria is a nice space.

2011-10-12 12.40.45.jpg

12:40:45 a similar, closer shot.
2011-10-12 12.41.24.jpg

12:41:24 to the right of the Twilight banner.  Phineas and Ferb banner for Disney XD

2011-10-12 12.42.04.jpg

12:42:04 The other show at Javits.  Content & Communications World
It ends tomorrow, which is why the stockyards in Hall 1C won’t be ready for Friday.  Kinda cool… broadcast technologies (bet they have great wi-fi access!) and other techie topics.

2011-10-12 12.44.10.jpg

12:44:10 Both cars, near the main entrance (near the Javits statue).  Wouldn’t the Goon prefer an SUV?

2011-10-12 12.44.40.jpg

12:44:40 The back of the Tokidoki Chevy

2011-10-12 12.44.58.jpg

12:44:58 a close-up of The Goon-mobile.  There’s another graphic on the other side of his cohorts, a big logo on the hood, and tentacles instead of pinstriping

2011-10-12 13.05.29.jpg

13:05:29 Taken while I was waiting for professional registration to open at 1.  Located at the far southern end of Javits

2011-10-12 13.23.11.jpg

13:23:11 The other side of the elevators going up to the Fourth Floor.  Hall 3D?

2011-10-12 13.23.43.jpg

13:23:43 Mega Bloks Halo soldier.   There’s a Spider-Man as well.


  1. Lego Batman could kick MegaBloks Master Chief’s ass! Even without much prep time.

    Also that Goon car decal is better than those kinda creepy and odd bishojo car decals you see in Japan.

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