This art will all be available at the Before Watchmen website later today. Live from #c2e2

UPDATE: DC has updated their New Frontiersmen site with the final art for the above. CLick on various words for other extras. Click for larger version.



  1. Wow. Jae Lee really has upped his game. It must have taken him a month per panel to do that much detail!

    The Tiki

  2. This is great. Do you realize it’s over? Do you recognize the end? DC and Dido have nothing left, nothing. The New 52 and Before Watchman reek of desperation. An organization lacking leadership and more importantly a way Forward. I ask once you fire your last bullet on Watchmen what do you have left? Is there a new idea? Bye bye DC keeping shocking the corpse it may spring back to life……

  3. Oh, Jesse.

    Do you not recognize how tired it has become to damn something before it is released?

    How boring it is to hear the doomsayers once again proclaim the end of the industry?

    I am not going to purchase these Before Watchmen issues, I have no interest in them. But someone out there does. I hope they enjoy them.

    Seriously, there is some amazing material being published right now by Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, and Dynamite, just to name a few.

    Dig a little deeper.

  4. Oh Shawn, I mentioned DC, no other company. In fact I love Dark Horse. If you cannot see how a 20 year rewind and dragging out Watchman is a tired pathetic last ditch ploy of a group of folks without creativity, I can’t help you.

    ps Sandman get the red dress daddy Dido says you’re workin’ tonight.

  5. I just don’t see what the art is supposed to prove. All the artists involved are talented craftsmen…they’re all capable of drawing pretty pictures. That doesn’t mean the story will be worth a damn.

  6. Thank you Hero. What might have been had these artists been allowed to shine rather than pimped on a publicity stunt.

  7. Jesse,

    I am kinda not surprised that DC didn’t pull this Before Watchmen stuff 10, 15 years ago. And if this was under Marvel’s care, these thing would of probably been ongoing. :)

    But to ask the readers to “realize its over” and “recognize the end”? Please. The drama! “Fans” have been doomsaying this wonderful industry for as long as I have been reading this stuff ( the mid 80’s ), and we’re still alive and kicking, sometimes screaming.

    I’ll repeat myself: I am not buying the Before Watchmen material, its not for me. But some fanboy or girl is going to read the shit out of them, and I wish them all the best. Their love of this stuff is not going to contribute to “the end”.

    Agreed: Dark Horse is rocking these days. :)

    Ok I’m outs.

  8. I am kinda not surprised that DC didn’t pull this Before Watchmen stuff 10, 15 years ago.

    I was always lead to believe no further Watchmen material all those years was due to Paul Levitz not letting it happen.

    The fact that this project got started after he stepped down definitely gives that theory some credence.

  9. Johnny M,

    Googling “Paul Levitz Watchmen” certainly supports your theory! You are right.

    And God Bless Paul for doing what he did, for as long as he could.