DC is returning to horror and synergy on June 1st with the first issue of THE CONJURING: THE LOVER, the first book in its new DC Horror line. The five-issue monthly limited series is a prequel to the upcoming film The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It which lands on June 4.

The series is co-written by Daniel Johnson-McGoldrick (screenwriter, The Conjuring 2Orphan) and Rex Ogle with art by Garry Brown; here’s the first look inside.

The story:

The prelude introduces college student Jessica, a college freshman returning to campus after winter break, bringing with her the anxieties of last semester’s poor grades, the awkwardness of facing a boy she wishes she’d never slept with, and an undeniably unnerving feeling of being watched.

Jessica soon comes to realize that something evil has made her its target, and it will not rest until it has her in its unholy grip. But why did this sinister presence set its sights on a seemingly normal college freshman?

As we’ve previously mentioned, the comics will tie in with the popular and scary Conjuring universe introduced in the original film by James Wan. Other backup stories in the series will explore the mysteries of the dreaded artifact room of Ed and Lorraine Warren, the supernatural investigators from the first movie. Issue #1 contains a story about one of these cursed items by Scott Snyder (Batman, etc.) with art by Denys Cowan (HARDWARE, THE QUESTION: THE DEATHS OF VIC SAGE). Spooky!

While this first outing from DC Horror is a good old fashioned movie tie-in, it remains to be seen if other titles in the imprint will pick up the vaunted horror mantle from DC’s dear departed Vertigo line. DC has a rich legacy of terror throughout its history, and there are plenty of chills to go around.