One of our pet projects here at Stately Beat Manor is tracking the progress of various attempts to adapt the John Carter books of Edgar Rice Burroughs to the screen. There have been many fits and starts over the long years, but now Andrew Stanton (WALL*E, FINDING NEMO) at Pixar is bringing this wild tale of imagination and fighting to the screen.

And now there is a poster for the first time!

However, due to Disney’s MARS NEEDS MOMS absolutely tanking at the BO earlier this year, JOHN CARTER OF MARS has lost the name of the planet and it’s now just JOHN CARTER…for now, anyway. Meanwhile, the poster still includes a stylized “M” for the no-no word.

That’s Taylor Kitsch (Gambit in WOLVERINE) as Carter. The rest of the cast includes Lynn Collins, Samantha Morton, Mark Strong, Ciaran Hinds, Dominic West, James Purefoy, Daryl Sabara, Polly Walker, Bryan Cranston, with Thomas Haden Church and Willem Dafoe. The film will be director Stanton’s live action debut, but there will be tons of mocap CGI for things like Tharks and warhoons.


  1. To keep it in the spirit of the times, they could call it “A Princess From Wherever.”

    Just an unhelpful suggestion.

    Best (and only, but still a great one) film script I read was written in the ’90s by Ted Elliot & Terry Rossio. I finished reading it and said, “They got it right.”

    Now, let’s hope they get it right.

    Nice poster.

  2. Added note, the film script comment above intended to read that it was the only ADAPTATION of “A Princess of Mars” I’ve read. (Got to remember to proof before posting.)

  3. I just LOVE how Hollywood, Big Business, all Corporations just OVER ANALYSIS everything to death! “OH my word, Mars Needs Moms bombed! It couldn’t have anything to do with the lackluster trailer, plot, or actual finished movie! It was the title, I tell ya! So this new movie, drop the Mars, cause NO ONE will see it if the title has Mars in it! Actually, can we just nuke the real planet somehow, from space?! That’ll really help all our future movies!” Makes NO sense except in Suitsville.

  4. I’m confused… I thought this was a Disney/Pixar project. I guess having Stanton on board made me think that…

    Heidi, with your vast industry connections, have you gotten to see any test footage yet? Any word on any announcements for SDCC?