Images FlagghccoverWe’ve been too busy to get as excited about this as we should, bit it looks like Dynamic Forces’ long long delayed (it was first announced in 2004) AMERICAN FLAGG collection will finally be out this July. Howard Chaykin’s run ‘n’ gun, media saturated vision of the US ‘s future was great fun when it came out over 20 years ago, and we suspect it will still be fun now: Why all the delays? Chaykin explains in an interview.

Howard Chaykin: It was a jumping of the gun in the first place, which held the assumption that the material was more ready than it was. The situation really boiled down to the fact that the reproduction of stuff at that time is very different than it is today. The assumption was that it would be a mistake to publish, cold, that is, without doing a lot of clean-up work on it, to create a more beautiful facsimile, if you will. The assumption was that it would be easier to do that than it turned out to be.


  1. I imagine the new paper stock will be different, (better quality than the original printing on newsprint) and everything will need to be scanned and recoloured, from some source.

    Could be scanned from the original art, prepress proofs or individual copies of the published comics.

  2. I remember reading and loving this when it first came out. Later on, I’d come to appreciate how much more fun it was that Chaykin got to do his thing with his own characters rather than have him play with someone else’s characters (like, say, Blackhawk). I could enjoy his stories more without worrying about continuity and annoying stuff like that.

    So this’ll be out in time for SDCC? That’ll be cool.

  3. As a teenager, I loved FLAGG, but knew even then a lot of it was going over my head.

    It’s an ever better read as an adult, especially in 2008, years after the Domino fell.

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