You know Hannibal Buress, comedian. You know Tom Holland, actor. But do you know Tom Holland, gamer? In the latest trailer for the Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers DLC, you will. The short vid puts viewers in Buress’ and Holland’s shared, clearly real-life apartment, where serious training is beginning. Holland, master of spoilers, sets out to claim another chaotic title before he dives into the expansion: Warrior of Darkness.
Like any roomie would, Buress wants to play FF XIV with Holland, but he’s too enthralled with his training. Over a series of gags, he tries to convince Holland that he’s always been ready to play. Will our two bros ever be able to venture through the world of Hydaelyn and play Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers together? You’ll have to watch the game’s new trailer to find out.
Final Fantasy XIV, apparently beloved by Tom Holland, is a pay to play MMORPG from Square Enix. Originally released back in 2010, it’s only picked up steam. It even got a 6 minute long gameplay trailer at this year’s E3.
Shadowbringers is the fourth paid addition to the game and goes live on July 2. Pick it up soon and you may be able to log some play time with Spider-Man and Buress.