It started on Millarworld where Mark Millar declared Graeme McMillan a stalker of the most obsessive type.

Unfortunately, all creators with any profile attract obsessives. All the other name writers have one too, but I’ve never seen anything like this guy before. He just seems to eat and breathe it. Obviously, people can have creators they don’t like (I have them too), but not simply liking someone is quite different and more natural. I hate Justin Timberlake, but it would be weird for me to browse Timberlake fan sites every day and report or misreport everything the guy says. For years. And all over the Internet. It’s weird I was unaware of this guy because it seems to have gone back so, so long. The Civil War stuff was especially interesting… he started off posting about how it wasn’t a hit and then when it was the biggest hit since the speculator boom he changed tactics and said that that the delays to the books were going to cripple retailers. Then when the retailers made a lot of dough from the book he posted quotes from people who said it was shit. Etc, Etc, Etc. It’s a sight to behold and I recommend browsing back through the site and having a read. There’s barely a day goes by where he doesn’t find some way of having a dig and, like I said, this goes back YEARS.

Now we all know Millar likes to take the piss, but the thread that follows (which we haven’t had time to peruse) apparently rounds up a posse to get Graeme.

Meanwhile, Brian Hibbs plays along

How mad does he get? You really want to know? Man, Graeme gets SO mad that his hair actually starts to grow back in, JUST SO he can rip it out at the roots again, screaming “MILLAR THAT BASTARD, HE CAUSED ME TO LOSE MY HAIR!” He’s Lex Luthor to Mark Millar’s Superboy. Yes. I can’t count the number of times I’m have to physically hold Graeme back (and it took me, Lester and Brill to wrestle him to the ground this one time!) when some one mentions his name. I can even recall this time we had to restrain him when we were discussing 300, and he wigged out: “No, Frank! We’re talking about Frank Miller, man! PUT THE GUN DOWN!!!”

Is there really a feud or was this all make- pretend? We’d say the latter without hesitation, although Graeme never really picked up the ball and ran with it for whatever reason. Anyway, somewhere (we told you we were busy) we read that this had all been sorted out behind the scenes. It was funny while it lasted. Why can’t The Beat and Whitney mix it up like this?


  1. “This could be as big as Rosie versus The Comb-Over.”

    Now come on Alan, that would be just sad and wrong. I wouldn’t wish that on either of these guys. Of course, now that I’ve said this, Mark is really thinking about how interesting that might be for him. :)

  2. Considering that fact that Mark Millar is (unfortunately) one of the biggest names in American superhero comics right now, the fact that he can’t stand being criticized by Graeme McMillan reminds me a lot of when James Cameron took out a full-page newspaper ad to attack Kenneth Turan for giving a negative review of Titanic. I mean, what the hell, dude? If you’re that successful, and you still can’t stand people saying negative things about you, then the problem is not them, but you.

    And once again, the term “stalker” is hilariously misused in the context of the Internet. Oh noes, Graeme quoted Millar’s posts, from Millar’s message board, which Millar only created to promote his own work and to get more people to notice him in the first place! And that’s “stalking” how, again? It’s like the women who appear in the Girls Gone Wild videos – if they’re 18 or over, they have every right to take their tops off and flash their boobs for camera crews, but they don’t have a right to complain about being “exploited” afterwards, since they’re the attention whores who chose to expose themselves to the public.