Fieldmouse PressOn Tuesday, veteran comics critics Daniel ElkinAlex HoffmanRob Clough, and Ryan Carey announced the formation of Fieldmouse Press, a new, nonprofit publisher slated to begin its first project in January 2020. The first project is a website called SOLRAD, which will publish new comics as well as comics criticism, essays, and interviews.

According to a press release, Elkin will serve as president of Fieldmouse Press, with Hoffman serving as secretary/treasurer. Clough and Carey will round out the company’s board of directors as Fieldmouse aims to emphasize four pillars: “comics, critique, community, and collaboration.”

“Our goal is to provide a space for readers, artists, and the general public to explore the comic arts in the many forms they come in,” Hoffman said in a statement. “As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, our goal is to serve this community that we love and do something we think hasn’t been possible before now. And as a nonprofit organization, we can take chances that other publishers haven’t.”

More projects from Fieldmouse Press will be announced at a later date. For more information and to contact the team about the new publisher or other business related inquiries, visit


  1. fine artists who can’t get gallery work bumrushing into comics. Indie comics=comics for wealthy gentrifying snobs who try to pass rubbish as Great Art.

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