Murder Ballads is one of the comics sert to make a splash this spring: a mini seres by Gabe Soria and Paul Reinwand that will have an accompanying album by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys. The story is about a record label owner who finds two brothers who make amazing blues music. Auerbach’s album will be the perfect soundstrack:

But the big tout here is the release of an accompanying album composed and performed by Auerbach, with the help of musicians including cult hero Mick Collins, of the Dirtbombs and the Gories. The lyrics will be based on the characters and plot points of the story, and it’s sonically rooted in the artists who inspired the country-blues culture that permeates the comic. Auerbach said this was a passion project that’s been in the works ever since he and Soria met through a mutual friend during the Keys’ hard-traveling early days.


As a lead in to the regular series which comes out over the summer, publisher Z2 is putting out a FCBD prequel, The Ballad of Franklin Bonisteel. And here’s an EXCLUUUUSIVE preview:

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