Farrago Comics, iPad app that offers lot of free comics to read, is getting more into this thing by collaborating on a Kickstarter for their first original series, Rob Kutner’s SHRINKAGE. Kutner is an Emmy winning writer for the Daily Show and Conan.

It’s described as “a comedic sci-fi action tale / 4-issue comics series about how “the most unknowable battleground we face is the one within our own craniums.” The art is by Joltin’ John Lucas and variant covers by Dean Haspiel, Bob Fingerman, Rob Guillory, and Paul Pope. SHRINKAGE will be distributed digitally for free via the Farrago app.

“For years I’ve been dreaming up an insane comedy sci-fi series called SHRINKAGE about an all-out battle against nano-scale alien invaders, all taking place inside the President of the United States’ brain,” said SHRINKAGE writer Rob Kutner. “But these days, with so many comic book houses focused on in-house superhero properties, it was hard for a comics ‘noob’ like me to sell the idea. Then Farrago Comics came along, which already had a ton of cool comics on their app and wanted to do something special for their first original comic.”

Farrago’s Chief Content Officer Matty Ryan, matched Kutner with artist John Lucas and a teamup was born. “Comics should be fun,” says SHRINKAGE artist John Lucas.  “I look at the shelves and I don’t see a lot of fun.  This comic is fun.”

Here’s some more art.

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