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[Photo by Ron Hogan]
We attended the Fantagraphics art opening last night at the Society of Illustrators, as did our colleague Ron Hogan at GalleyCat:

“Most museums don’t like to show works that are unfinished,” Terrence Brown explained as he introduced me to the exhibition of artwork from Fantagraphics Books’ first 30 years of publishing independent comics, but the Society of Illustrators was delighted to host the retrospective, which was suggested by political cartoonist Steve Brodner, even though some of the artwork was still a few steps away from their printed versions, with captions missing or pasted over after rewrites.

Our camera situation was NOT optimal but Ron has some pictures at the above link, and sent us one showing Anne Bernstein, Glenn Head, Michael Kupperman and Jennifer Gonzalez.
Here’s one we took showing the crowd. The show is great, and the turnout was exceptional: Sam Gross, Jules Feiffer, Arnold Roth, Steve Brodner, Evan Dorkin, Bob Fingerman, Gabrielle Bell, K. Kikuo Johnson, David Heatley, Dean Haspiel, Tom Hart, Abby Denson, Matt Loux, Mark Newgarden, David Sandlin, Dan Goldman, Bob Sikoryak, Stephen DeStafano, Dan Nadel, Bill K, First Second’s Gina Gagliano, Renee Witterstaetter, and DC’s Scott Nybakken, who once long ago even worked for Fantagraphics. We’re surely forgetting a few dozen people. Anyway, if your in the nabe, or even if your just around, go check out the chow, which isup until October 21st. HURRY!

UPDATE: Craig Yoe has some good pics and a breaking scandal involving Mrs. Arnold Roth at his excellent Arflovers blog.