Fall Preview: Gregory Benton’s Smoke is a wordless fantasy

Rolling along with the Fall line-up for comics, here's another September release. Brooklyn's Hang Dai Studios has teamed with Alternative Comics to release their fall schedule, which includes three titles Smoke by Gregory Benton, Beef with Tomato by Dean Haspiel, and Schmuck by Seth Kushner and an all-star line-up of cartoonists. It's a powerhouse line-up of talent, each book with its own distinctive voice born of living life in New York City. In Benton's case, however urban life has inspired a wordless fantasy epic about two kids, apparently the children of migrant workers, who are swept away to a magical land beset by perils who are befriended and protected by a magnificent dog straight from the Day of the Dead. It's a wordless narrative that's part Amulet, part Adventure Time, but all original, with a bittersweet ending that packs a punch. We emailed Benton with a few question about his work and Smoke: