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Well that didn’t take too long. Bill Willingham’s beloved Fables series wrapped up last summer with issue #150, but the franchise is continuing at Vertigo with EVERAFTER: FROM THE PAGES OF FABLES, a new monthly book by writers Matthew Sturges and Dave Justus, with artwork by Travis Moore and covers by Tula Lotay – the team behind the digital first Fables: The Wolf Among us series.

As might be suggested by the title, Everafter picks up from the end of the Fable ongoing with the adventures og The Shadow Players, a behind the scenes task force composed of both humans and Fables, that will police the newly enchanted worlf. Ongoing Fables characters Bo Peep, Peter Piper, Hansel, and Connor Wolf will all be in the cast.

“EVERAFTER is a spy thriller featuring a covert-ops team whose mission is to save this newly magical world from itself,” explains co-writer Dave Justus in a statement. “The story has a uniquely Vertigo flair, filled with twists, double-crosses, and agents willing to give their lives for (fairy) queen and (goblin) country!” 
“We’ve always hated that feeling of getting to the end of a great book and wondering, ‘But then what happened?'” says co-writer Matthew Sturges. “Bill Willingham planted so many seeds in the final issue of FABLES that it was impossible for us to let it lie.” 
“EVERAFTER is an extraordinary opportunity for us to build onto the stories of characters from FABLES that we love, offer new revelations, flesh out the lives of some lesser known characters, and bring brand-new Fables into the mix,” explains artist Travis Moore. “For me, it’s always a joy to get to design new characters; I’m bringing a more dynamic action style to the FABLES community than fans have seen from me.” 
“The terrific job Matt Sturges, Dave Justus, and Travis Moore did on the comic adaptations of the Wolf Among Us video games made them the perfect team to carry this new spin-off series,” says FABLES creator Bill Willingham. “There are some terrific surprises ahead in a world that is no longer mundy. What happens in a world that now knows about Fables and the sharp rise of magic in their midst? EVERAFTER is going to show us.”
DC has been reviving old favorites for a while now, including Sandman, Dark Knight and so on. Fables only took a year to come back!