Fans who fell for Noa, the star of the Italian comic series Sky Doll, should mark their calendars for March 2017.  Why? That’s when Titan Comics has revealed to The Beat that they’ll release issue 1 of the fourth “Chapter” (or volume) of the series: Sky Doll: Sudra. Marvel Comics worked with French publisher Soleil to release the first three volumes in 2008.

Written and drawn Alessandro Barbucci and Barbara Canepa, both former Disney artists, Sky Doll tells the story of a dystopian future where religious control is absolute, leveraged by a complicit media. Noa is one of the titular Sky Dolls: androids that are engineered to serve the sexual whims of their owners. Unlike her fellow Sky Dolls, however, Noa has the ability to dream. After escaping from her owner on a spaceship, she soon joins her rescuers on their interstellar mission to subvert a heretical religious movement.

This marks the first time Sky Doll: Sudra will see print in English. Check out our gallery of issue 1 covers below. All covers are the work of Barbucci and Canepa save the final image, which is from artist Matteo De Longis.

Want to catch up on the Sky Doll saga before March rolls around? You can add Sky Doll, Vol. 1, Sky Doll 2 (Of 3), and Sky Doll 3 (Of 3) to your holiday wish list, as well as the Sky Doll: Spaceship series–a collection of prequel shorts that delve into Noa’s life prior to the start of Sky Doll volume 1.

Note: an earlier version of this piece reported that Alessandro Barbucci and Barbara Canepa were a “husband and wife team.” Though multiple other sources made this claim, it is apparently untrue. We regret the error.







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