Earlier this week, Image Comics released Tee Franklin’s and Jenn St-Onge’s Bingo Love. A love story about two women who fall in love as teenagers at a bingo hall but are forbidden to pursue their romance until a chance meeting decades later as grandmothers, Bingo Love has already earned itself critical acclaim and major coverage at sites such as Buzzfeed and Paste Magazine.

As part of the promotion for Bingo Love, Tee Franklin will be appearing at The University of Califronia, Riverside’s GeekOut Convention; Emerald City Comic Con; and elsewhere. At these shows, fans will be able to meet Franklin and pick up a special edition of Bingo Love featuring exclusive new cover art by Cat Staggs, best known for her work with Gail Simone on Image’s Crosswind series.

When asked by Simone about why she wrote Bingo Love, Franklin said that she wrote the book so that future generations might find the courage to take their lives down the path that’s right for them, even if it’s not the most well-trodden one. She hopes “that they’ll be able to read this and just hold on to some sort of hope.”

The Cat Staggs Bingo Love variant will be available for $20.