A new original graphic novel by a legendary creative team that’s the sequel to one of the most controversial movies of all time?

Why not.

Legendary filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky and virtuosic illustrator José Ladrönn, are the team on The Sons of El Topo, Vol 1 Cain a sequel to Jorodowsky’s 1970 film, El Topo, one of the most influential and baffling experimental films of all times, a trippy, violent acid western that was  written, scored, directed by and starring  Jodorowsky.

The film tells the story of El Topo—a wandering bandit who find enlightenment via a lot of violence and religious imagery. This graphic novel picks up where the film left off, following the adventures of Cain, El Topo’s resentful first born son.

Fueled by resentment, and unable to kill his saintly father, Cain begins the slow pursuit of his half-brother in a tale of magic and mayhem in THE SONS OF EL TOPO VOLUME ONE: CAIN, featuring a haunting cover by José Ladrönn, and continuing the mythic tale only in graphic novel format.

THE SONS OF EL TOPO VOLUME ONE: CAIN continues the surrealist western story you know from the film, digging deeper into the philosophical and spiritual questions of El Topo’s journey – along with the incredible visual experience you’d expect from master artist like Ladrönn,” said Sierra Hahn, Senior Editor, BOOM! Studios.

Jorodowky, now 89, has been a prolific comics writer since making his seminal films, co-creating The Incal with Moebius, which morphed into the long running Metabarons series, both published by Humanoids.

Ladronn is perhaps best known for his Metabarons-esque work on Hipflask.


THE SONS OF EL TOPO VOLUME ONE: CAIN goes on sale in December from Boom!’s Archaia imprint.



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