Clover Press is releasing THE MARVEL ART OF MICHAEL TURNER, the fifth title in their ongoing The Marvel Art of… series. Created in collaboration between Marvel and Aspen Comics, this latest high-end boutique art book celebrates an iconic artist whose variant covers redefined an era of modern Marvel. Available through Kickstarter, the set will feature classic art and sketch work of iconic heroes drawn by Michael Turner including newly remastered works on Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, and more. 

You can get a copy of THE MARVEL ART OF MICHAEL TURNER by following the pre-launch campaign.

“Mike Turner’s name on a cover could bump your sales up by 25%,” said Civil War co-creator and writer Mark Millar. “I’ve never known any other artist who could do that. It was like a super-power. Characters who had been around for half a century suddenly looked fresh through his eyes. He had such an amazing energy to his work and beautiful sense of detail. I always felt honored on the few occasions when we worked on the same books.”

The Marvel Art Of… series has featured collections of work from some of Marvel’s greatest contemporary artists such as David Nakayama, Alex Maleev, and David Mack. The items are beautiful artwork collectibles that have performed well on Kickstarter, which is why The Beat is proud to be the first to unveil its dust jacket and slipcase covers. 

A major figure in comics from the 90s into the early 2000s, Turner was first known for his artwork as co-creator of the immensely successful Witchblade franchise. He later found success for his own creator-owned series Fathom before moving onto to Marvel and becoming an iconic cover artist lauded for his work on Marvel’s “Civil War” comics. Turner then sadly passed away at the early age of 37 from bone cancer in 2008. 

“Michael Turner is that rare human being whose spectacular artwork came from his magical heart and wonderful soul,” praised writer and former executive VP of Marvel Telvision and Jeph Loeb. “Like his characters, he brought beauty into this world, and we are lucky to share it in this astonishing collection.”

“In collecting this book, you’re collecting the work of a great artist – just a great guy – who managed to achieve legendary status in a very short time period,” said Marvel’s former editor-in-chief Joe Quesada.


What you’re getting with this book

The Marvel Art of… books are a series of high-end boutique artbooks that feature iconic images alongside rare and never-before-seen artwork from Marvel artists of the past twenty years. The series debuted back in 2023 and includes titles such as The Marvel Art of David Mack, The Marvel Art of Alex Maleev, The Marvel Art of David Nakayama and The Marvel Art of Russell Dauterman, all of which will be available as add-ons as part of the new campaign. 

“Michael Turner became a fast fan favorite, and this book is the clear evidence as to why,” said Clover Press Publisher Hank Kanalz. “We’re ecstatic to bring such a comprehensive collection of Turner’s Marvel work together in one volume. We like to introduce new items with each new campaign, and this round, we’re rolling out metal prints and metal trading cards and at Aspen’s suggestion, a ‘Mystery Tier’ wherein backers won’t know which version of their super-limited book and prints they will get until they open their package.”

“It’s closing in on 30 years since the world was first introduced to Michael’s incredible art, though his meteoric rise to stardom took only a fraction of that time,” said Aspen Comics co-founder Frank Mastomauro. “He graced us with so many memorable creations and covers along the way, and his meticulous attention to detail was never more profound than in his vast collection of Marvel illustrations and covers. We’re so excited for you to see the book we’re putting together and cannot wait for you to hold in your hands The Marvel Art of Michael Turner!”