States of MindStates of Mind, the new graphic novel from writers Patrice and Emilie Guillon and artist Sebastien Samson, hits stores next week.
The book is a true story of a brilliant young woman who suffers from mental illness, specifically bipolar disorder. The young woman’s name is Camille, and States of Mind follows her as she works to understand the steady flux she feels between euphoria and despair. Billed as “unabashed and unapologetic,” there’s another interesting dichotomy at work in States of Mind, which sees its protagonist learning how destructive to her life her disorder can be, while, perhaps more importantly, also coming to appreciate the compassion she experiences from others as a result.
States of Mind’s release date—May 7, to be exact—is a fitting one. May is Mental Health Month, a designated time to spread awareness about such conditions. The book includes resources related to mental health as well, including the National Alliance on Mental Illness’ 1-800 number.
An exclusive excerpt from the forthcoming release from Humanoids can be found after the jump, which includes a summary along with bios for each of the creators.

STATES OF MIND is a true story of a spirited young woman whose brilliant mind is caught in the grip of mental illness, known as bipolar disorder. In constant flux between transient euphoria and utter despair, Camille attempts to decode her mind and treat her illness. However, she discovers that the will of the patient is not always enough to cure the ills of the mind, and the only way she can find a semblance of peace is when surrounded and supported… if not understood. It is this compassion which allows her to stay anchored in life, a buoy ebbing and flowing with the ocean. STATES OF MIND’s strength is in its unabashed and unapologetic account of the destruction and desolation that the disorder causes, but more importantly, the beautiful humanity and compassion that blossom in its wake.

About the Creators:

Writer, draftsman and colorist, Patrice Guillon began publishing his first creations later in the game. Kat Ogan, a strip illustrated by Stéphane Abadie, was published in 1996-1997 in “Mon Quotidien”, a newspaper for teens. He went on to write the Guide de la cinquantaine (Guide of the fifties), drawn by Tépaz for Vents d’Ouest et d’Une passion cubaine, a commercial collection drawn by Loustal. In 2006 he published Dans la secte (In the sect), a testimony on Scientology, under the pseudonym of Pierre Henri, illustrated by Louis Alloing. In 2008, he wrote Mes Copains d’autrefois (My Buddies of yore), for Benjamin Bouchet, then co-wrote with his daughter, Diary of a Bipolar Girl (Journal d’une bipolaire) with illustrations by Sebastien Samson. He later returned to writing comedy with Les Comptables. For his most recent title, Un Juste, he interviewed David Cénou’s father at length to accurately trace the story of his great-grandfather during the German occupation.

Emilie Guillon drew from her personal experiences, grappling with mental illness to cowrite Diary of a Bipolar Girl with her father, graphic novelist Patrice Guillon.

Sebastien Samson is a Graduate of the Visual Arts of the faculty of Bordeaux III, Sébastien Samson writes for the popular French magazine, The Feast. My New York City Marathon, an autobiographical account of his participation in the New York Marathon, will be published by Humanoids in 2018. He currently resides in Paris, France.

States of MindStates of MindStates of MindStates of Mind