The Beat is pleased to exclusively announce the sequel to Bloom, the graphic novel by Kevin Panetta and Savanna Ganucheau: Bloom Part II, arriving in Fall 2023.

Hector and Ari in Bloom Part II (with baked goods).

Picking up more than a year after the conclusion of the first comic, the story will continue the narrative of Hector and Ari’s romance as Hector studies at culinary school… And according to the official synopsis, which you can read for yourself below, the graphic novel will also give readers a look at another romantic couple!

Bloom Part II

The original Bloom graphic novel was published in 2019, and was the first collaboration for Panetta and Ganucheau.

Bloom Part II

The unimpeachable creative team will be reunited for Bloom Part II, which is scheduled for released in Fall 2023. And like the first book, it will be published by First Second. 

Bloom Part II
Hector at Culinary School.

Fresh Baked in Autumn 2023 

Here’s the official synopsis:

Ari and Hector are in love.

It’s been over a year since the end of the first book and Ari is still working at his family’s bakery while Hector has moved away to finish up culinary school.

They’re happy but they miss each other so Ari decides to visit Hector at school. As Ari tries to navigate Hector’s world for the first time, he struggles to find his place.

Mix in lots of baking, romance, and a look at how Ari’s parents fell in love and we’ve ended up with a story that we’re really excited to share with everyone!

Will you be picking up a copy of Bloom Part II when it arrives in autumn 2023? What are your hopes for the newly announced sequel story? Let The Beat know what you think, either over on social media @comicsbeat or here in the comment section.