There’s a new clone in town! In X-23 #9, Laura and Gabby have vastly different approaches to how they plan to deal with their new clone, who just so happens to be a cyborg… and an X-Assassin. Beast is running tests and Laura is on the move, but Gabby? Gabby just wants to adopt a new sister and then help her adjust to life.

Marvel provided The Beat with an exclusive preview of the first five pages of the new issue, on sale Feb. 6. Take a look at the preview below and be sure to pick up a copy of X-23 #9 at your local comic shop on Wednesday.

Writer: Mariko Tamaki
Artist: Diego Olortegui
Cover Artist: Ashley Witter
Publisher: Marvel

The mystery surrounding the X-Assassin grows, as Laura investigates its origins and Gabby does her best to find the humanity deep in its robot heart… But the X-Assassin isn’t the only threat facing the sisters!

X-23 #9 cover

X-23 #9 page 1

X-23 #9 page 2

X-23 #9 page 3

X-23 #9 page 4

X-23 #9 page 5


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