What is life like for a courier in a fantasy kingdom? In Poiko: Quests & Stuff from Wonderbound, Vault Comics’ young readers’ imprint, readers get a glimpse into the magical, exciting, and even sometimes scary world that the “kingdom’s most reliable courier” traverses every day. 

Created by writer/artist/letterer Brian Middleton, the middle-grade book is whimsical and fantastic but also filled with life lessons about friendship, helping others, and learning how to navigate life no matter the circumstances. 


Read the official synopsis below:


Have you ever had to deliver a care package to a dragon with allergies? Have you ever been waylaid by a school of space fish? That’s just an average day for Poiko, the kingdom’s most reliable courier. The world can be a big, scary place, but it can also be wondrous. Sad things can happen, but there are always good friends to turn to, or new friends to make. And no matter what, there is always, always someone who could use your help. Poiko learns all these lessons and more every time he brushes his tail, pulls on his hoodie, and steps out into a new adventure. The philosophical whimsicality of Calvin & Hobbes meets the fantasy-scapes of Adventure Time in this modern-day classic.

Poiko: Quests & Stuff is set to release on March 29, 2022. The Beat received an exclusive preview of the title. Take a look at the cover and a few never-before-seen interior pages here!