The quest for new, exciting alien lovers continues in Vault Comics’ Money Shot #2 as the scientist/porn stars find themselves prisoners of a warlord on the planet Dry Reef. Better known for their bedroom skills than their fighting tactics, will the crew survive the battle arena and win the ultimate prize: a love guru with ridiculously powerful orgasms known to split an atom?

Written by Tim Seeley (Grayson, Revival, and Hack/Slash) and co-scripter/ comedian Sarah Beattie, Rebekah Isaacs (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel & Faith) continues as interior and cover artist on the series. Colorist Kurt Michael Russell (Hack/Slash, Glitterbomb), letterer Crank! (Rick and Morty, Curse Words), and designer Tim Daniel complete the creative team.

The provocative tale debuted last month, with the first issue introducing readers to Christine Ocampos and her science team. Together they take an unconventional approach to funding their research—traveling the galaxy, engaging different alien species in an array of sexual exploits, and broadcasting their saucy experiences for anyone looking for a new type of porn.

Money Shot #2 hits comic shops on Wednesday November 20. Check out Vault’s website for updates on the series. In the meantime, take a look at an exclusive preview The Beat received of the issue’s cover and a few interior pages.

Money Shot Money Shot Money Shot Money Shot Money Shot