Marty had no idea just how much trouble his heist would cause. While prison is always a consequence of robbing the stores near your own job, who knew that getting embroiled in a Satanic cult would be the result? In Trve Kvlt #3, the adventure continues for Marty and his coworkers. Read the synopsis here:

Trve Kvlt is about a heist committed by a fast-food manager—and its Satanic consequences. In issue 3, Marty and Alison unwillingly embark on their mission to kill the sinister Dr. Shiver in his subterranean skyscraper, while Bernice, looking for Marty, infiltrates the Church’s hideout and has a showdown with Veronika Vargas-Vo.”

Co-created by writer Scott Bryan Wilson (Batman Annual, Batman: Gotham Nights, DC Holiday Special, Star Trek: Waypoint, Shadowman, Elvira) and artist Liana Kangas (She Said Destroy, Devil’s Dye, Gwar)Gab Contreras is on colors, and DC Hopkins takes on letters. Jamez Savage continues on color assists, with Jazzlyn Stone as head of marketing for the series.

Trve Kvlt #3 is set to release on June 10. Ahead of the debut, The Beat received an exclusive look at a few interior pages and the cover. Take a peek below and head here to order your copy of the issue.

Trve Kvlt Trve Kvlt Trve Kvlt