They say Timothy Hunter is to be the greatest magician in history. He’s seen what is possible with the power of magic and he’s eager to learn how to wield it. However, not every teacher or even every book Tim finds has the best intentions and some people, already, have ended up dead.
As Books of Magic #6 begins, Tim is already stretched thin trying to keep his powers a secret from the rest of his classmates. It’s a hard sell when he has a magical owl following him around. On top of all this, after a jaunt to the Dreaming Tim has lost entire days of his life.  And it seems that things are about to get even tougher as the investigation surrounding a gruesome murder is joined by the news of a sudden and mysterious disappearance of someone Tim cares about. We know where they’ve gone, but will Tim be able to figure it out in time?
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Writer: Kat Howard
Artist: Tom Fowler
Colorist: Jordan Boyd
Letterer: Todd Klein
What felt like mere moments in the Dreaming for Tim turned out to be significantly longer in the real world, and the consequences for his dreamtime walkabout are dire—not only for Timothy Hunter, but for those closest to him!