Next week Dark Horse Comics will release Mazebook #3, the next issue in the new five-part miniseries from writer/artist Jeff Lemire. Today The Beat is proud to present an exclusive first look at the issue, which finds Will diving further into the mystery of his daughter’s return.

Mazebook #3

Here’s how Dark Horse describes Mazebook #3:

Will’s a melancholy building inspector who’s been grieving the loss of his puzzle-loving daughter for years. After getting a mysterious phone call from a girl claiming it’s her and that she’s trapped in a labyrinth Will sets off on a journey fighting through the corridors, tunnels, and monsters of his city on a mission to bring her back home.

Lemire’s latest book is an intense examination of grief in the face of unimaginable loss. In an interview with The Beat earlier this year Lemire acknowledged the weight of the book’s subject matter as being what drew him to the story:

For me, the impact that something like this can have on a person was scary and hard and, I felt, worth exploring. The point of view I was interested in here is not the immediate aftermath of a traumatizing loss like this, but rather seeing how it could affect a person years later, in this case a decade later. To see a person who dealt with this by shutting out the world and cutting off emotion. And this was a really interesting point to start the story for me.

Check out the exclusive four-page preview for Mazebook #3, as well as a variant cover for the issue by Lemire’s Sentient collaborator Gabriel Hernandez Walta, below. The middle chapter of the series arrives in stores and digitally next Wednesday, November 10th.

Mazebook #3 Mazebook #3