The Pride, the Comixology Originals series by writer Joe Glass, is about a world overrun by superheroes…and the first LGBTQ super team in that world. The Pride Season 2 wraps up with issue 6 this week. Glass wrote about creating the series and why it matters here:

So why superheroes? Well, superheroes often have to live a dual life: one that is their true, honest self, floating in the clouds with a wry smile on their face and a witty retort on their lips; and then another, duller, mundane lie—to protect the ones they love from the truth…or perhaps to protect themselves, because they don’t want to risk losing those they love. What queer person hasn’t had to live some semblance of this: whether the initial fears of coming out, or the daily temporary closets we have to fling up whenever we find ourselves in a new workplace, or a new locale, or even a taxi cab where we don’t know what the reaction to the truth would be? Living life while queer is tantamount to being ready to throw on a costume and a mask at a moments notice…sometimes for lifetimes.

Courtesy of ComiXology, here’s a preview of The Pride Season 2 #6, written by Glass with art by Cem Iroz, colors by Mark Dale and lettering by Mike Stock. 

It all leads to here, a no holds barred brawl with the extended Pride roster vs an opponent like no other! Can the Pride army overcome this threat? And what secrets does Frost still hold?

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