Dynamite Comics has made many fans happy with their latest incarnation of Space Ghost, and the third issue hitting on July 3 will only continue the hype. Written by David Pepose and drawn by Jonathan Lau, the third installment’s covers are from Francesco Mattina, Jae Lee, Bjorn Barends, and Michael Cho.
Read details from the publisher here:
“You’re not the only ones who lost their family to these monsters.” So says Space Ghost to the Widow, a powerful potential ally for the Ghost crew in their campaign against the evil Robo-Corp.
Although the Widow’s motivations remain shrouded in mystery, Space Ghost, Jan, and Jace decide to roll the dice and bring her in on their mission to take down Robo-Corp once and for all. But which side will this shadowy figure ultimately decide to help – and which will she try to destroy?
The electrifying answer awaits in issue #3 of Space Ghost – crafted by award-winning writer DAVID PEPOSE (Punisher) and acclaimed artist JONATHAN LAU(Vampirella Strikes), and featuring iconic covers from FRANCESCO MATTINA, JAE LEE& JUNE CHUNG, BJORN BARENDS, and MICHAEL CHO!
Ahead of the release of Space Ghost #3, check out an exclusive look at a few pages and covers!