Billionaire Island #2Ahoy Comics’ new series from writer Mark Russell and artist Steve Pugh — is set to hit shops this Wednesday, July 1.

The first issue hit not long before the recent COVID-19-related distribution stoppage but a pause on all new books, but it was excellent, as layered, satirical, and intelligent as Russell and Pugh’s previous collaboration, The Flintstones. As such, today The Beat is honored to have an exclusive preview of the series sophomore issue. ICYMI, we also talked to Russell in advance of the series launch way back during what now feels like another lifetime, with this interview.

Anyway, in today’s preview, the mysterious vigilante character Trent boards a plane to Freedom Unlimited Island (F.U. Island), which is where all the world’s billionaire’s have gone after profiting from a set of global problems they in turn did little to face or fix. Check it out as we get a tease of Trent’s backstroy. As you may remember, the first issue ended with Trent stealing the identity of a billionaire he himself had murdered.

You can find the full solicit teaser text for the comic, as well as our exclusive preview pages, below…enjoy!

(W) Mark Russell
(A) Steve Pugh
Cover A: Steve Pugh
Cover B: Darick Robertson

Like an action movie come to life, Trent storms onto Billionaire Island in search of answers – and he’s willing to get them anyway he can. Meanwhile, Shelly is after answers of her own…but will she regret getting them? The infiltration of Billionaire Island is ON! By Mark Russell (SECOND COMING) and Steve Pugh (The Flintstones, Harley Quinn).

Every AHOY comic also features extra prose stories and illustrations.

Featuring a variant cover by Darick Robertson (The Boys).
July 1, 2020

Billionaire Island #2

Billionaire Island #2

Billionaire Island #2