One of the things I’ve enjoyed the most with my two and half year old son has been to read with him. We get a lot of children’s books and illustrated books at the library and when we find something that resonates with him, we borrow more work from the same creators. That’s how we came to read most of Elise Gravel’s work and how we’re now looking at the work of Sara Varon. I was recently contacted by First Second about this announcement, a new all-age graphic novel series by Sara Varon called Detective Sweetpea and I immediately thought of my son. We borrowed her children’s book Coq et Chat (the French version of Chicken and Cat) and President Squid at the library and he loved it. I’m certain he’ll be excited when Detective Sweetpea gets into his hands.

First Second has kindly provided The Beat with an exclusive look at Sara Varon’s upcoming graphic novel series Detective Sweetpea coming out in 2021First Second continues to publish incredible all-age materials and stellar graphic novel for kids. They’ve established themselves as a publisher of quality material with a wide range of work, going from science graphic novels, to sprawling fantasy series and, in this case, a whimsical detective story.
Mark Siegel, the editor at First Second had this to say about Detective Sweetpea:
“Sara Varon‘s world is irresistible. Ever since Robot Dreams, Sara has given us some of First Second’s most beloved stories. With Detective Sweetpea, she’s upping her game, and giving us a mystery series like no other—anchored in her trademark adorable universe.” 

Without further ado, a special preview of Detective Sweetpea!

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