Renegade Arts Entertainment has Book 2 in the Mordecai Crow trilogy ready to debut on Wednesday, May 15. Quid Pro Crow by Bill Slavin will follow from last year’s Secrets of Jarrow.
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Mordecai Crow continues to search for his long lost family with his young friend Podd. They venture deep into dangerous Luddite territory. There, new allies offer hope for Crow’s quest, but that hope is accompanied by grave risks. Not only are their lives in constant danger from Luddite attacks and the treacherous dystopian landscape they must traverse, but their friendship will be strained to breaking point.

Will Crow and Podd be able to unlock the secrets hidden in newly discovered old tech? What mysteries lurk within the fabled Tesla Firewall? Does Flood Town harbour the answer to Mordecai Crow’s quest or a deadly trap? All will be revealed in Quid, Pro, Crow, the thrilling second book in the Mordecai Crow trilogy.’

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In a future where the secrets of the past have been lost, and knowledge is forbidden, technology-hating Luddites have triumphed over a world of scarce resources and devastating, unpredictable weather. Across the ruined landscape of this destroyed civilization, small pockets of Gnostic resistance have preserved the knowledge housed in the scattered remains of pre-Cloud tek’ in refuges called Firewalls.

Mordecai Crow is a drifter, stuck between two worlds and belonging to neither. Born a Gnostic, survivors of a global meltdown that strive to regain lost knowledge, he was raised by Luddites, a war-like faction of fanatical anti-tech fundamentalists with an evangelical agenda. His search for the answers to his past led him on a perilous quest through a dangerously divided land.

Ahead of the release, take a look at an exclusive preview of Quid Pro Crow here!