It’s a Los Bros kind of Wednesday, and rightfully so, as anytime your local comics shop is graced with the latest issue of Love and Rockets, it’s a time to celebrate!

Earlier today, we published our interview from SDCC with both Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez about the latest issue, which I encourage you to take a look into after picking up their latest cartooning masterwork. Below you’ll find an exclusive preview of the Gilbert-side of this installment, which brings back the Doctor Who-inspired Professor Enigma (last seen during Hernandez’s adventure excursion ‘The Magic Voyage of Aladdin’). Here the Professor takes the center stage, along with his ever changing assistant Missy – each iteration of which is played by Fritz, Remedios, Pupusi, and Killer.

This is functionally a unique way for Hernandez to not only continue his ongoing storyline regarding the “Fritz clones”, and the way the Hollywood machine treats young women as interchangeable pieces, but it also continues his efforts in genre storytelling, yet bent to his very specific sensibilities.

It’s also just a pretty funny spin on the regeneration concept baked into Doctor Who. And if that wasn’t enough, Hernandez also tackles the continuing reunion between Remedios and Rosario, and Fritz coming to terms with the actions of her erstwhile daughter. All that, and a Luba appearance too.

You can pick up Love & Rockets #3 in stores today.


  1. The second page posted is hilarious !
    “Just came back from lunch with Professor Quatermass and the Doctor” is brilliant and a clever callback to the work Beto is paying homage to

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