Spidey: School’s Out, Marvel’s latest ComiXology original series (following on the heels of books like The Immortal Iron Fists, Avengers: Back to Basics, and Black Panther: Long Live The King), sees its finale released this week and with it, the teenaged Peter Parker’s sojourn to Stark Science Camp finally comes to an end.

And with it, he goes head to head with Iron Man, or someone who has commandeered Tony’s tech perhaps, who has taken his pal Ganke hostage. Time for your friendly, neighborhood (teenaged) Spider-Man to wallop on ol shell head!

Transformer’s John Barber and go-to Spider-Man artist Todd Nauck team with colorist Rachelle Rosenberg to bring you this action-packed finale, which is available on ComiXology tomorrow! The Beat has an exclusive preview, check it out below!