The latest installation in BOOM! Studios’ Over the Garden Wall series of comics hits stores in August from writer Birdie Willis and Rowan MacColl. The new story, aptly titled Soulful Symphonies, is a five-issue arc that follows Wirt, Greg, and Beatrice as they stumble upon a ghost town that’s a performer’s dream — except for one major (and super creepy) flaw. As seen in Soulful Symphonies #1, there are stages, musical shops and theaters everywhere they turn, but not a single person in sight. What’s a live performance without an audience?

Because this is an OTGW story, things get weirder almost immediately. When Greg breaks into song on one of the many stages, an audience of one appears. Then they pull the brothers and their talking bird friend into “the performance to end all other performances.”

Today, The Beat can reveal an exclusive first look at Over the Garden Wall: Soulful Symphonies #1. Check out the full solicit text below, as well as covers and interior art. The first issue will be available at a comic shop near you and online through BOOM! Studios beginning Wednesday, Aug. 7.

Writer: Birdie Willis
Artist: Rowan MacColl
Cover Artists: Keezy Young (main), Gavin Fullerton (variant), Missy Peña (preorder)

While traveling through an abandoned town in the Unknown, Greg’s singing catches the attention of a mysterious young woman named Sophie who requests the song as a gift. Greg gives her the song, and in exchange, Sophie leads the group to an old theater where her family convinces the boys to audition for their new play!

Suspicious, Beatrice warns Greg and Wirt about the mysterious circumstances, Wirt almost sides with her—until she also says that Wirt would probably be a terrible main lead anyway. Determined to prove her wrong, Wirt decides to stay. After all… the show must go on.

Soulful Symphonies #1 main cover art Soulful Symphonies #1 preview Soulful Symphonies #1 preview Soulful Symphonies #1 preview Soulful Symphonies #1 preview

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