The Nightwing you know is gone. Dead– not in the way that you’d expect, but dead all the same. In his place stands Ric Grayson, a man who has lost much of who he was in both acumen and memory. In his place stands a new type of hero, but a hero all the same. What will the new Grayson– and the new Nightwing– do to save those they care about? What happens to those in the life Grayson left behind?

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Writer: Scott Lobdell w/ Fabian Nicieza
Artists: Travis Moore & Garry Brown
Colorists: Hi-Fi & Nick Filardi
Letterer: Deron Bennett

And while Nightwing struggles to uncover the truth behind the “fear germ” that is killing people in their sleep, he must also try to overcome his own sudden struggles with heights and vertigo. He has lost his primary skill set as a hero and will have to focus on his brilliance as a detective instead. And a distracting love triangle certainly isn’t helping him focus…This new storyline spins out of events in BATMAN #55. Don’t miss the start of a new direction in Nightwing’s crimefighting career!


  1. Who the hell spells their name “Ric”? If DC is trying to move away from the name Dick, why not just go with “RicK”.

  2. I spell my name Ric. Short for Richard. The K is redundant. Also Ric Ocasek from the 80s rock group The Cars and Ric Flair, the wrestler

  3. I wish DC had never figured out how popular this character is (was). The. Ompany and its writers have done nothing but dump on and change Dick’s character to fit the latest story arc ever since. Please go back to ruining BTman!

  4. I believe if you can’t come up with better stories for the classic characters, then leave them alone!!!! Stop changing the characters. Keep them who they are. Find better story tellers then the ones DC has right now, because you are destroying the whole legacy of them. How are you going to change Nightwings name? That was very stupid of DC to allow to happen. If anything hire me to write some stories. Lol! I have great ideas to propel the characters to new heights, and it won’t change who they are one bit. That’s just my ” lions 2 cents” on the matter.

  5. But… Why? Dick is my second favorite dc character. why the hell are they ruining him for no reason? I swear comics are getting worse by the day.

  6. So…generations of actual children could read Batman comics without obsessing about Robin’s first name…but today’s “mature” audience can’t handle it?


  7. I can’t express how much I hate this plot. Why ruin a great character? This is not the sort of story I want. Also, not happy that they killed off Roy and Wally. Someone must really hate the Titans.

  8. Too bad DC comics are not as much fun as reading about the poor management of the company itself. Dan Didiot is to dumpster fires like Picasso was to painting! Never grows old.

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