MAD Magazine Hillary Clinton Cover


MAD Magazine is often overlooked as one of the longest running and most successful properties that DC Entertainment publishes. Of course, the early Harvey Kurtzman edited run, and seminal work by Will Elder, John Severin, Wally Wood, Al Jaffee and Sergio Aragones is justly lauded among comics history buffs, but with issue #535 coming out next week it’s also the longest continually running comics periodical in the US. If it was just puttering along with jokes about these kids today and boring TV shows, perhaps it would be allowed to stay in its pasture, but in truth it’s still putting out sharp satire with bold visuals and presenting the work of some of today’s finest cartoonists—including Al Jaffee and Sergio Aragones. Next week’s issue focuses on the upcoming election with a fantastic Hillary as Furiosa cover (Artist not credited in the material I have) that’s DEAD ON perfect. It’s a part of a whole election package that you can see more of here.  

Mad also continues to publish some of today’s finer funner people, and as an example here’s an exclusive for The Beat look at a tipping guide written by Kenny Keil and illustrated by John Kerschbaum, known to indie comics readers as the creator of Petey and Pussy and The Wiggly Reader.

Mad Magazine is still around and it’s still funny. I think we should celebrate that.

Mad Tips for Tipping


  1. I’ve been subscribing to MAD for a few years now. My subscription copies generally arrive a week or so before the newsstands and comic shops get them. So I’ve read the issue you write about and agree with your assessment of it. There are some sweet political movie posters in the issue, too.

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