This week finds readers one step closer to the big Batman-Catwoman wedding festivities in the upcoming Batman #50, and with each week, we’ve been treated to some very fun stories in the lead-up. Like any great Best Man, Tim Seeley has been providing able support to his former Grayson collaborator Tom King, with this series of Prelude to the Wedding one-shots that focuses on a member of the Bat-family and their squaring off with a specific villain that plays to the greater themes of their role within Gotham and Batman’s life.

On Wednesday, we’ll see the latest chapter, which centers on Red Hood, as he finds himself face-to-face with Anarky, fresh off his appearances in Detective Comics. Javier Fernandez and Hugo Petrus provide the art for the issue, of which The Beat has an exclusive preview! Check it out below:

Red Hood has always been the one standing slightly apart from the rest of the Bat crew. Some see him as the Robin gone bad—which is exactly the kind of thing someone like Anarky can exploit. Now Red Hood is running security at Catwoman’s bachelorette party—and if Anarky can crash it, that could be the final straw for Jason Todd!


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