During Rebirth, artist Liam Sharp made an epic debut alongside writer Greg Rucka on DC’s Wonder Woman series. Sharp’s usage of exaggerated, godly anatomy and eye for composing images of epic scale allowed us to witness the power of Diana Troy in a way we’d never seen before. And when Rucka’s run on Wonder Woman eventually ended, we were lucky enough to see DC Comics announce that Liam Sharp would be penning and drawing his own Batman and Wonder Woman story in The Brave and the Bold. And what an epic story it has been as this powerful duo are forced to forget everything they know as they enter the world of Celtic folklore.

Check out the Beat’s exclusive preview of this Wednesday’s The Brave and the Bold #6, the powerful conclusion to this series that sees Batman and Wonder Woman caught in the middle of a fight between siblings with the fate of the mythic Tir Na Nóg hanging in the balance.

Writer: Liam Sharp
Artist: Liam Sharp
Colorist: Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Letterer: Troy Peteri

It’s an epic battle for Tir Na Nóg in this finale, as King Elatha has opened its Causeways and both Fomorian and Dé Denann creatures are spilling into our own realm! Batman must go back to Gotham City to try to close the Causeways from the inside, while Wonder Woman will fight alongside King Elatha against his once-banished brother, Balor Evil Eye! Who will take the crown and rule Tir Na Nóg for eternity?

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