For quite some time now, one of the central plots of DC Comics’ Teen Titans series has been the relationship between Crush and her father, the infamous bounty hunter known as Lobo. The two have traded blows time and time again as Crush has continued to reject her father’s attempts to push his way into her life, but now things have changed. In this week’s Teen Titans #36, Lobo uses a gift given to him by the Apex Lex Luthor to take control of Crush’s body through their shared DNA.

As Crush is forced to watch her father use her body as a weapon of destruction, can she keep her soul intact and keep her friends in the Teen Titans safe? Find out this Wednesday, but start here with the Beat’s exclusive preview of Teen Titans #36 after the jump.

Writer: Adam Glass
Artist: Bernard Chang
Colorist: Marcelo Maiolo
Letterer: Rob Leigh

Like father, like daughter! Apex Lex has given Lobo the power to control Crush, and together they’re going to take down the Teen Titans! Try as she might, Crush struggles to resist Lobo’s influence… but to her horror, she starts to enjoy the madness! And finally, after all this time, it’s time to meet… the Other!

Teen Titans #36 Cover Teen Titans #36 Interior Teen Titans #36 Interior