Next week sees the release of Vinyl #1, the first issue of a new six-issue Image Comics miniseries from writer Doug Wagner, artists Daniel Hillyard and Dave Stewart, and letterer Ed Dukeshire. Today The Beat can share an exclusive four-page preview of the debut issue of the series.

Here’s how Image describes Vinyl:

When Walter’s best friend, the FBI agent charged with his capture, is kidnapped by a death cult of all-female sunflower farmers, Walter finds himself deep within an underground labyrinth filled with secrets and monsters…but are their monsters more horrific than his?

Wow, there’s a lot going on in that description.

Wagner and Hillyard have teamed for previous Image Comics titles including Plastic and The Ride, published in association with 12 Gauge Comics, of which Wagner is one of the key players. The new preview is a little less bloody than the initial one that accompanied the series announcement, but no less entertaining in establishing the look and feel of the book.

Check out the exclusive preview of Vinyl #1 below. The first issue of the six-issue miniseries arrives in stores next Wednesday, June 23rd.

Vinyl #1 Preview Page Vinyl #1 Cover Vinyl #1 Variant cover