Slice-of-life comics are a genre rising in popularity, as folks in their 20s (somewhere between millennials and Gen Z) deal with life issues. Getting it Together by Sina Grace, Omar Spahi, Jenny D. Fine, Sean Konot and Mx. Struble is just such a comic. Coming from Image in October, it deals with the ripples of drama that go through a Bay Area group of friends when things get messy:

Sam and Jack are best friends, and Sam is dating Lauren, Jack’s indie rocker sister and roommate. When Sam and Lauren open up their long-term relationship, skyrocketing tensions send social shockwaves through their friend group and the entire Bay Area. And Jack, caught in the middle of it all, may be forced to take sides in a conflict he never wanted to be a part of. Life gets pretty messy when you’re in your 20s and your friends are your family.

Co-created by Grace (Lil Depressed Boy, Ghost in LA) and Spahi (Ben 10, Code 8), with interior art by Grace and covers by Fine, Getting it Together shines a spotlight on those relationships that you rely on and think will last forever…until they don’t.

Here’s an exclusive preview via Image Comics, and some commentary by the creative team:

“Breakups are tough, but it get’s even tougher when your ex’s brother is your best friend. Does that mean you have to break up with them too? Getting It Together answers life’s tough questions and has fun doing it. Sina, Jenny, Mx. and I have really had a blast bringing this book to life and we can’t wait to share it with you.” —Omar Spahi

“I’m the type of artist who creates fan art, but only for things that I find particularly special. This series is basically my fan art for the characters Omar and Sina created – you’ll probably be able to tell in each issue which character is my favorite.” —Jenny Fine

“I’ve never had so much fun making a comic about the complications of friendship with a group of lifetime friends. Readers from all over should get a kick out of our funny, raunchy, romantic, dramatic, slinky, kinky, and downright lovely book.” —Sina Grace

Getting it Together