The final issue of Battlestar Galactica: (Classic) Counterstrike hit stores in June, and now Dynamite Comics has collected the six-issue miniseries in trade paperback form. The 120-page book written by New York Times best-selling author and comic writer John Jackson Miller (Star Wars, Star Trek, Halo) features art by Daniel HDR (Red Sonja, Superman), Edu Menna (KISS: The End,Twilight Zone, ZNation), and Marcio Fiorito. There is also a cover by Sean Chen.

In this series, Commander Adama and the remnants of humanity discover a second fugitive fleet, fleeing a different mortal enemy. The quest is whether the two armadas will join forces against the dreaded Cylons, and what that means for the quest for Earth. Fans can expect everything from galactic justice to retribution in a battle in the Empyrean Expanse. The miniseries began with #0 and concluded this past summer with issue #5. The run also coincided with the television show’s 40th anniversary.

The Battlestar Galactica: (Classic) Counterstrike trade paperback hits comic stores on Wednesday October 9. For digital, head over to ComiXology, Dynamite Digital, iBooks, Kindle, and more. You can also order right from Dynamite’s website.

The Beat received an exclusive and extended preview, which includes the entire first chapter. Begin reading here!