In previous issues of Dynamite Comics’ miniseries Crackdown, we are brought into the not-so-distant future where society is more plugged in than ever before. Unfortunately even the criminal organizations are also more interconnected, taking advantage of the situation, making alliances, and plotting against the world at large. When blackouts hit some of the biggest cities across the globe, these metropolitan centers are plunged into darkness and chaos, leaving behind a scared population and overwhelmed law enforcement. That’s where The Agency and their Agents (international crime fighting assassins) come in—to restore order and ensure justice is served once and for all.

Written by Jonathan Goff (Halo, Destiny) and with interior and cover art by Ricardo Jaime (The Shadow), Crackdown is based on the popular action adventure video game for Xbox. For issue #3, there are four heroes left to defend against all hell breaking loose in a darkened city. Without their Skills and down a man, the Agents are fighting to bring order to a city in the grip of a powerful enemy. The riots and violence are escalating quickly, and the Agents are being put through the ultimate test of all of their skills and knowledge. But, help is on the way, which may be what they need to turn things around in their favor and stop the chaos.

With only one more issue to go after this one, the high energy series is nearing its end, but not before giving fans the larger-than-life action and adrenaline that they’ve come to expect from the series.

The Beat has an exclusive look at pages from Crackdown #3 ahead of its release on Wednesday July 24. Head to your local comic shop to snag your copy of the comic or stop by Dynamite’s website to order. It is also available on Dynamite Digital, Comixology, and more.

Crackdown Crackdown Crackdown Crackdown