Becoming a horror host was Jerri Butler’s last chance. A reporter for the local TV station founded by her parents and run by her brother, Jerri’s excessive drinking (and general bad attitude) had gotten her fired from yet another job at the station. Given the opportunity to fill in as Count Crowley, Jerri seized the opportunity, treating the job and everyone else with the respect they deser—no wait that’s not right, what she actually did was go on the air drunk and openly mock the viewers and the movie they were about to watch. Sure, the show was a smash and her brother was thrilled, but Jerri’s a legitimate newswoman. Surely she won’t be stuck in this new gig forever? Oh well, maybe the werewolf in the parking lot will help her turn things around.

Check out a preview, exclusive to The Beat, of four pages from the forthcoming Count Crowley: Reluctant Midnight Monster Hunter #2. Written by David Dastmalchian, With art by Lukas Ketner Lauren Affe and letters by Frank Cvetkovic, the second issue of Dark Horse’s horror/humor series goes on sale digitally and in stores next Wednesday, November 20th.

Written by David Dastmalchian
Illustrated by Lukas Ketner
Colored by Lauren Affe
Lettered by Frank Cvetkovic
Cover by Lukas Ketner

A horrifying scene unfolds in the moonlit parking lot behind KSKB-TV. Jerri Bartman, new host of the Count Crowley Show, is in the clutches of a bloodthirsty beast. How will she escape the snarling jaws of this animal? And what secrets lie buried within the abandoned home of her missing predecessor, the real . . . COUNT CROWLEY?

Count Crowley: Reluctant Midnight Monster Hunter #2